2019 Membership Dues

The Palm Beach Country Estates Landowners’ Association, founded in 1980, provides a unified voice for the community when addressing issues that impact the quality of life in Palm Beach Country Estates. The Association is entirely voluntary and run by landowners. The Association has no authority to tell landowners what they can or cannot do. Officers are not compensated in any way for their service.

Your membership in the Association gives you a vote and a voice and the dues help pay the various expenses we incur providing services for the community.

Visit the following pages for more information about what the Association has accomplished in the past year and what we have planned for 2019:

You may pay your 2019 Membership Dues online through our Paypal online payment account by
clicking this button:

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If you prefer, you may also CLICK THIS LINK for a PDF form that you can print and fill-out instead.

Please mail it with a check for $40.00 (or more) payable to the:

Palm Beach Country Estates Landowners’ Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 30638
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420