CLF Neighborhood Response

NOW is the TIME FOR ACTION on Proposed High Capacity 14-Resident CLF’s

Two applications for high capacity 14-resident Congregate Living Facilities (CLF) Type 2 are likely to be set for hearing before County Commissioners and the Zoning Commission within the next 2-3 months. NOW is the time for our neighbors to refocus on this important issue that affects all of us and to support the expert representation that we have through our retained attorney, Neil Schiller and Urban Planner, Michele Mellgren.

Stay Informed. Take Action.


Revised site plans with 14 beds proposed for Hedge House (6861 Donald Ross Rd) and Banyan House (15551 79th Terr N) are anticipated to be processed by the county in June and, once approved, public hearings for both applications may be scheduled as early as August. Please go to and click on the CLF Neighborhood Response link to receive timely updates and to express your desire to actively engage in our neighborhood effort to oppose these applications. If approved, these high capacity facilities would fundamentally alter the character and nature of our low-density single-family residential neighborhood.

In order to be successful in stopping these applications from being approved, it is imperative that our community remains informed and responsive to the issues as they unfold, while being financially supportive of our legal representation. Generous contributions to our dedicated CLF Fund have allowed us to retain two well-respected land use experts. The fact is, this effort may very well require additional funding, and we need our neighbors’ continued commitment to this effort as our experts ramp up their level of engagement over the coming weeks and months.

Stand ready to write letters, attend public hearings, and importantly, please continue to support the CLF fund that pays for expert legal representation. Donations to the PBCE Landowners Association dedicated CLF Fund may be made at or mailed to PBCE Landowners Association, P.O. Box 30638, Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33420 with “CLF Fund” in the memo.

As a reminder, PBCELA is contractually obligated to refrain from posting about the CLF applications on social media. Previous updates and background information is available on this site.