Congregate Living Facility Update (7/4/2019)


Attorney & Urban Planner

An attorney and an Urban Planner have been retained to represent the community.

The attorney is Neil M Schiller from the Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr law offices.

The urban planner is Michele C. Mellgren from The Mellgren Planning Group.

Both of these individuals are leaders in their specialties and the Community is fortunate that they will be helping us with our opposition to allowing a CLF Type 2 facility in the community.

We hate to say this but it must be said.
We understand that many of you may have some ideas or suggestions but do not contact either of these individuals or their offices.

If you have something that you believe might help us, then email the information to the Association’s email:

Applicant’s Zoning Variance Request

As indicted in our June 18th email the applicant has pulled his original zoning variance request and plans on submitting new site plans for recertification. The applicants representatives last contacted us on June 26th to advise they are working on new plans and that at some point and time they will schedule a meeting with the community. As we are advised we will keep you advised.

$$$$  DONATIONS – We Need Your Support

Because of the donations from 137 folks we were able to pay $15,000 in retainers for the attorney and urban planner.

Our original target was to raise $30,000 but we have not met that goal. We are at about 70% ( which includes the $5000 from the Association).  We anticipate that we may need to raise more than our original target. There are approximately 1466 property owners in the community. That means we have donations from just 9% of the community.
Many of you may have been waiting to donate once we retained the attorney and urban planner. Now that we have them please move forward with your donation.

To donate, click the PayPal link or mail a check to: PBCE Landowners Association, PO Box 30638, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420. Indicate CLF on the memo line.

Thanks so very very much to those who have already donated. We hope that more of you will be able to help the community with opposing these zoning variances.