Critical December CLF Deadline

Thank you to all of the neighbors who attended last night’s CLF Group Home Zoom meeting and special thanks to those who are donating immediately afterward. If you were unable to attend, here is the High Capacity Group Home meeting agenda with important information regarding hearing dates and locations and the application for Banyan House seeking approval for 20+ occupants.

Here’s What EVERYONE can do to help meet our Critical December Deadline NOW:

1) Email your letter of opposition to our county officials right NOW. Here is the Sample Letter with both email addresses for County Commissioners and the Zoning Commission. Simply copy, paste and edit your name and address at the top and bottom.

2) DONATE (see link below) to help meet our Critical December Deadline of raising $25,000 so that we can engage our attorney in having crucial meetings with Zoning Commissioners before the January 7th hearing. We simply cannot move forward without meeting this minimal threshold of funding. To do this right, we will need $40-$45,000 by mid-January–less than half the amount spent so far on successfully fighting the similar Hedge House application in September.

3) Talk to your neighbors about this issue. Unfortunately, many neighbors believe the fight is over, but it is not: we have one more application to fight. Many neighbors believe that the rest of the neighborhood has this covered, but they don’t! We cannot engage  our proven successful team without meeting the $25,000 milestone THIS MONTH. Share the link to the opposition letter with your neighbors.

Put your neighborhood on your Christmas list this year!


Questions? Speak to a member of the CLF Zoning Committee by emailing