Halloween Trunk-or-Treat 2021

Have no fear, Trunk or Treat is almost here!
The 12th Annual Trunk-or-Treat!
October 30th at 75th Ave & 160th St (Canal Bank)

**Update** Due to Covid, we will not have the sign-in table so we will not have the voting or the best trunk award this year.


If you’re new to the neighborhood or just need a recap . . . neighbors from around PBCE decorate the trunks of their cars (or back ends of your pick-up, trailer, golf cart, tractor, mud buggy, pop-up-tent, blow-up decoration, etc) and arrive between 3:45—4:15 pm on October 30th to SET UP YOUR TRUNK.

Then, children from PBCE show up between 4:30 and 6:00 pm to trick-or-treat from one trunk to the next. It’s loads of fun, and you get to see your neighbors! You can decorate as much or as little as you want. Think of it as Halloween tailgating with candy, decorations and costumes! The canal bank has enough room for 35-40 trunks and 200-300 treaters that usually attend.

TRUNKS: If you’re having a trunk, arrive between 3:45—4:15. Please don’t be late. We want to keep our children as safe as possible, so please plan on staying until 6:00. We don’t want cars moving while there are still kids walking around. Bring lots of candy to pass out!

TREATERS: Treaters arrive between 4:30—6:00. Email Chris Reinhardt at reinharm@bellsouth.net to volunteer or if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there! Even if you can’t stay, please drop some non-chocolate candy or contact us ahead of time and we’ll arrange to have it picked up from you.

Thanks! This is a great neighborhood event for both kids and adults! Come on out and have some fun!!