Save Our Sidewalks Sponsors – Thank You!

Thank You to Our Generous Adopt-A-Mile
Sidewalk Maintenance Sponsors

The Permit Group (2 miles)
Permit expediting, recording & related services throughout most of Florida.
(561) 721-5611

Berman Realty (2 miles)
Since 1964
(561) 627-1118

The Duncans (1 mile)

Pillar Construction (1 mile)
(561) 317-4042

Thank you also to our generous neighbors who have donated to the Save Our Sidewalks fund.  We couldn’t do it without your support!

$100 & Above
Berman, Bocook, Bratten, Duncan, Eaglin, Gonzales, Gusikoff, Koehn, McFarland, Pobiak, Rodriguez, Rozzo, Sesler, Sisson, Trapasso

$50 -$100
Brown, Bueno, Grammatico, Hendry, Hernandez, Irizarry, McAndrews, McKee, Moore, Mustapick, Rainaldi, Shepard, Simoes, Travis, Weible

Up to $50
Adamowicz, Alvarez, Andreasen, Applegate, Balla, Battistoni, Bermudez-Besharat, Bernsten, Best, Bowers, Brewster, Brown-Garrett, Brue, Buffard, Bujaj, Bull, Burgess, Cantore, Capute, Carlson, Clark, Collica, Copeland, Cornett, Craddock, Cuomo, Curran, Daley, Davis, DeLuca, DeMay, Demers, Destefanis, Duncan, Ellena, Evans, Fee, Feyk, Fretwell, Gaherty, George, Germain, Germanowicz, Gilbert, Giuffre, Gray, Gregg, Gronek, Hadley, Harrison, Hayden, Hayward, Hein, Heinze, Hiller, Hopkins, Huffstetler, Hultz, Humphreys, Jindachomthong, Johnson, Jones, Kanic, Karmazin, Kasprzak, Keller, Kelly, Lay, Libkie, Lott, Marchetto, Mariner, Martin, Matyas, Maybaum, McGuier, McMahan, Mindful Minerals (Sweiss), Munoz, Nee, Nelson, Patel, Patel, Pavlik, Pence, Pradetto, Purvis, Ramirez, Ramsey, Rice, Rodrigues, Romano, Roth, Sacco, Schmitz, Schneider, Seifert, Sergi, Shakerdge, Soero, Stanko, Stevens, Stoller, Strauss, Su, Szabo, Thompson, Tibbs, Tipping, Volpe, Weible, Wells, Williamson, Willis, Williamson, Willis, Zimmerman

Priceless Donations
Robert & Billie Gaherty on 155th Place North adopted the vacant lot next door and work to maintain the sidewalk alongside their own! Not only have they contributed to the sidewalk fund monetarily, but they also represent what it really takes to get this job done: community effort. What an improvement! Thank you Robert & Billie, we hope that your efforts will inspire others to help neighbors to maintain their sidewalks!

Sidewalk Update:
Our initial cleanup in December involved crews of 9-12 landscapers who worked by hand and machine over the course of several days to remove truckloads of dirt and debris from sidewalks as well as mowing and edging. We are now working with the county to remove additional dirt build up at sidewalk intersections and to perform a mowing and edging service. We are hopeful that the county will complete this work before the beginning of the rainy season, giving us a baseline to be able to continue maintenance in a cost-effective way.

Questions? Please Contact Valerie Rozzo,
Contributions to the sidewalk maintenance fund may be designated on the PBCE Landowners Association Membership form or
Online at
Donations accepted year round.