CLF Update – February 2020

Zoning Committee
Palm Beach Country Estates Landowners Association

Many neighbors have expressed concern over the activity taking place at the CLF’s, including the installation of a septic system at Banyan and construction at Preserve House on 69th Drive North. We’ve also received inquiries regarding Palm Beach County Zoning’s determination on its February 4 deadline for administrative withdrawal of the CLF applications. PBCE Landowners Association is actively engaged with our urban planner and attorney who are monitoring and positioning themselves to represent Palm Beach Country Estates Landowners Association throughout the process, including the public hearings when those dates are eventually set. Thank you to all of our concerned neighbors who remain engaged on this issue; your continued attention and financial support is imperative.

Feb 4 Deadline: The Zoning Director has granted a 90 day extension until May 4 in order for the applicant to meet with county staff and address code enforcement issues that may affect the resubmittal of plans. All signals are that the CLF 2 applications for Banyan and Hedge are continuing to move forward and meetings with county staff have been set.

Banyan House: The Florida Department of Health issued a permit for the replacement of the septic system with a much larger one that would meet the capacity requirements of 14 residents. The Health Department is aware of several concerns, including the submission of a workshop structure that is not approved as living space as part of the application and concerns about the proximity of the drainfield to drainage swales. They will be looking at these issues during final inspection, which has not yet been scheduled.

Preserve House: 14327 69th Drive N has been the subject of multiple code violations that must be corrected by April 2, 2020. A building permit for interior work was issued and work appears to be underway as of last week. 

Hedge House: The Florida Department of Health has issued a permit for the installation of a large capacity septic system, but a date of commencement has not been set.

As a reminder, PBCE Landowners Association is bound to an agreement with our attorney that forbids any posting of information about the CLF’s on social media. For background information and updates, please refer to this website or email with questions or concerns.