CLF Update – January 2020

Due to the lack of submittal of revised plans for Banyan and Hedge House, on December 31 Palm Beach County Zoning issued a warning of administrative withdrawal of the applications on the 6 month deadline of February 3. The applicant has requested a 90 day extension, but it has not been granted by the zoning director whose decision will be made based on forthcoming meetings with building and code enforcement to evaluate the amount of progress that has been made on the correction of code enforcement violations. We will know whether the 90 day extensions are granted before February 3.

The request for Reasonable Accommodation for the 5 mile fire station distance requirement for Banyan is still in process, and our urban planner and attorney are involved on this issue.

Many neighbors continue to voice concern over the weekly septic pumping that continues to occur at Banyan and Hedge. The septic truck is leaving perpetual large trenches in the grass along 155th. Complaints have been made to the county regarding the damage to the easement. Dura-Drain, the septic company, has been contacted in an attempt to have them make a reasonable effort to utilize the property’s driveway instead of the common right of way.

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